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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  June 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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hovers above a wooded area near franklin avenue, footsteps from where 39-year-old carol took her final breath wednesday night. and to flush out possible hiding places for the man police say took her life. this is the wanted flyer that is circulating and the u.s. marshals on the hunt for mike etell returned to the scene of the crime friday asking questions of friends and neighbors who may provide valuable information. >> the stories we've been hearing in the news lately about domestic violence although they're shocking are, unfortunately, all too common. >> had a restraining order in place along with surveillance cameras. sources say caught the cold-blooded stabbing on tape. >> if a victim truly feels she needs or he needs to carry a concealed weapon for their safety, that's their right. >> nancy hutchinson with camden county's women center spoke to us about legislation proposed within 48 hours of her death. she was waiting for approvals on a gun permit filed in april. now senators diane allen and
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jennifer beck want to help women in domestic violence situations especially those with a protective order in place. secure a gun permit and a weapon without the wait. hutchinsons hutchinsons abusers often about power and control could use that weapon against the victim. >> also ensuring that if a gun is used for self-defense there are supports within the legal system to help them if they have to resort to that. >> and renee, we've been asking for a copy of that restraining order as well as the gun permit application, but law enforcement sources tell me right now their focus is on capturing this fugitive. live in berlin township i'm cydney long nbc 10 news. >> thank you. hundreds of people are lining the streets of wilmington to pay their respect to beau biden. the second of two public
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viewings is just getting underway. >> tim furlong is live outside st. anthony in wilmington. tim? >> yeah, it was supposed to be two different sessions really morphed into one big session. it was so crowded here today. the 6:00 session really just starting to get a little bit more crowded right now. the vice president meeting personally literally meeting personally with everyone who comes through here. many people he knows, many people he doesn't. >> seeing beau biden's casket finally arrive at st. anthony's, this is when it hit home for many people who live near the church. >> it's quite the spectacle. >> some watched it all and snapped pictures of a front row seat to delaware history. >> it's definitely a weird week. it's been you know it's a cool showing, but at the same time it's pretty sad. >> over 1,000 people came to the first of two viewing sessions. >> honestly i'm not surprised. >> the line wrapped around the big city block. mourners made it through tight
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security. no cameras in the church. the bidens personally greeted everyone who came to see them. >> it's really just like talking to another member of your family. nothing pretentious about them. they're good people. >> people loved and respected for all they've done for delaware. this state has honored people in the past but not like this. >> been elected in office for quite a while. i've never seen anything like this. it's an outpouring of love and affection and caring. >> it's history. i mean, you get to experience this, what, maybe once in your lifetime. just trying to take it all in. >> and we're kind of in a tight squeeze here. i can't show you the security area that's down to our right there. but you can see the people coming in and out of the church here picking up again. there were kids a short while ago selling lemonade a few blocks up. raising money. and talk about tireless the bidens after the ceremony in dover last night, they flew back to washington for their other
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granddaughter's fourth grade graduation. they got home back in delaware at about midnight last night. they were back out here today. and of course tomorrow the funeral president obama flying in for that. so many dignitaryies will be here in wilmington. that's where we're live tonight, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, tim. >> public viewing goes until 9:00. the funeral mass is tomorrow morning. president obama will deliver the eulogy. for more about closed streets in downtown wilmington and also to watch the biden funeral as it happens tomorrow, visit our nbc 10 news app. we now know the name of the man who died in a shootout with officers. andrew ellerbee and another suspect tried to rob a pizza shop last night. a police detective was in getting food and at one point on the floor with a gun to his head. when he told him he was a cop, ellerbee pulled the trigger, but turns out the gun was shooting blanks. the officer, of course had real
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bullets, shot and killed ellerbee. >> probably don't have big money in there. but i think the reason why people like that pick little shops like this is because they expect it to be easy. >> police say the men wore masks. they aren't sure if the suspect who got away was hit by any bullets. philadelphia police sergeant robert wilson iii was killed three months ago during an attempted robbery. investigators say the deadly shooting is similar to last night's scene in lawndale. wilson was buying his son a gift inside a gamestop when two men tried to rob the store. wilson was on duty at the time. his partner and patrol car parked outside. >> just speaks volumes about the dangers of this job and what our police officers deal with on and off duty. >> brothers carlton hipps and williams are facing charges of murder for the death of sergeant wilson. happening now, a rally to help bring awareness to the
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dangers of reckless driving. members of a philadelphia community have come together in love park. the rally was organized by the family members of an 8-year-old girl who was seriously hurt by a hit-and-run driver last month. she was hit on memorial day as she was trying to get in her parents' car. she's already undergone two major surgeries. she's now scheduled for a third. the hit-and-run crash that injured that little girl came just weeks after two other deadly hit-and-run cases in philadelphia. 2-year-old david alicea died from his injuries after he and his mother were hit by a car while crossing a street in april. less than an hour before that crash, 4-year-old latif wilson was hit and killed while crossing a street in king sessing. police recovered the vehicles in both of the case. the drivers never turned themselves in. it's been a week of rain clouds and much cooler temperatures. but we're now drying out and we're warming up when it matters the most, of course.
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the weekend coming. well tonight, a beautiful night out for baseball. a live look from citizen's bank park where the phillies will take on the giants tonight. first pitch in about an hour right here on nbc 10. and nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen joining us with your first alert forecast. sheena improvements tonight and even more coming for the weekend? >> yeah that's right. and the timing is perfect. just in time for the weekend along with the developing sunshine. warmer temperatures for saturday and sunday. live look out at center city skyline. we still have the clouds around but we have enough thin clouds and clouds kind of breaking apart to give us more sunshine today. so it has been a very nice day, especially late this afternoon. more clouds along the shore and we're watching some showers north and west of the poconos. so this area we'll be watching as we go through tonight. right now, mainly north of tobyhanna, the closest area of any showers. 75 right now in philadelphia 78 in allentown. so if you're heading out tonight and have the friday night plans,
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it should be pretty comfortable. then we warm up this weekend with more sunshine. i'll show you that forecast and our next chance of storms coming up. >> thank you sheena. well at the jersey shore, four churches now consolidating. a new parish being created called the parish of st. monica. this means two churches are closing. the new will be based at our lady star the sea church. st. nicholas will become a secondary worship site. the diocese says this will be good for the community. >> we have thriving communities of faith because of that. so in a town where you might have had four or five parishes we now have one active lively parish that has all the resources that it needs. >> changes will happen come july 1st. sunday is the one-year anniversary since the deadly crash in the new jersey turnpike that seriously injured tracy
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morgan and killed another comedian. well, since that crash, congress has changed the regulations regarding how much sleep truckers need to stay on the roads according to lawmakers suspended a regulation that required drivers to take a two-night weekend rest between each workweek up to 70 hours. federal officials say a study is now underway to determine how that change has affected commercial truck drivers. kevin roper was driving the walmart tractor-trailer that crashed into the limo carrying morgan. james mcnair and other passengers. james mcnair died. the atlantic county prosecutor's office is stepping in to monitor and observe the egg harbor police department. prosecutors say this move is not a takeover. but they say the monitor is in response asking the police department to be more efficient and effective. the monitor will audit the department and make recommendations on improving the structure as well as the operation. new at 6:00 new jersey's
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private and parochial schools could receive more money from the state next year to improve security. would provide nearly $4 million next year. now, that breaks down to about $25 a student per school for security upgrades like cameras, new doors and locks, the bill was created to protect schools against terrorist attacks and other security threats. next an all new at 6:00 emotional reunion two years after the center city building collapse. the survivor who met her rescuer for the first time and how she's still coping with this tragedy. and we have some nice changes for the weekend. more sunshine warmer temperatures. i'll show you that shore forecast. how warm it'll get and our next chance for storms coming up. >> it is a phrase that seemed to echo down busy boardwalk at the jersey shore. why the infamous saying has created a battle against two beach towns.
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learn more at watch the tram car, please. >> that's what you hear coming from the new tram cars which started operating on ac's boardwalk a few months ago. for decades, that exact same message has been used on tram cars in the wildwoods. and people who operate them say the tram company had no business taking that phrase. and they've been considering legal actions. >> the fact that it has been in use by us for decades. it is our property. it is proprietary and they shouldn't be using it. and how they obtained it is also questionable. >> soon after nbc 10 started asking atlantic city officials about the controversy, they asked the tram company there to change the recording.
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told they will do that come monday with a different voice and phrase because they don't want to create any problems with the wildwood. >> as much as all of us in the fire department do what we do, sometimes you're just never prepared for something like that to happen. >> hugs and tears two years after this firefighter rescued a woman from the center city building collapse. today, the last survivor pulled from the rubble and her hero reunite for the first time. six people were killed and four others hurt when the salvation army thrift shop collapsed two years ago today. we spoke with one of the victims still dealing with that tragedy. >> to say my story. >> maria was the last survivor pulled from the rubble. today, for the first time since the disaster she met the fire chief who saved her. >> i don't know if you remember me. >> do not remember. >> i was the fireman who found you. >> very very thank you.
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>> you're welcome. >> within minutes of entering the thrift shop in 2013 the store's roof collapsed. her legs were pinned in piles of debris. trapped for 13 hours. today, she talked through an interpreter about her ordeal. >> i was so in pain. i was so afraid nobody find me. nobody saved me. and i tried to scream help. >> battalion chief o'neil was in charge of operations that night. and because it was a shift change, there was a short stretch of silence. >> as i was standing there and it was very quiet. i was by myself. i heard help. >> o'neil immediately dropped to the ground and started digging. >> as i went to reach down maria moved her head. and then i immediately stood back up. i said somebody's alive here. >> crews moved in quickly to extricate her. both legs had to be amputated at the waist. she still lives in the rehab center and her family has to
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travel from ukraine to visit her. marking this two-year anniversary is bittersweet. >> sometimes it's very difficult to deal with what i have to do. but i am thankful this person saved my life. >> two contractors are awaiting trial right now on multiple counts for that deadly building collapse. they're accused of third-degree murder and other related offenses. a judge denied their request late last year to have separate trials. right now, on our nbc 10 news app, you can read an exclusive story with the first responders at the scene of the center city building collapse. well nice improvements today. little bit warmer than yesterday, little more in the way of sunshine. and this is going to keep building as we go into the weekend. this weekend, we'll be warmer than today, both saturday and sunday look really nice.
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and we have more sunshine both days, too. there is a chance part of the area tomorrow could see a few showers. not everybody, but i'll show you that in a second. and then we have thunderstorms ahead in the forecast, too, as we go into next week. live look out at citizen's bank park. we have just about mostly cloudy skies. but they're thin enough to still filter through some sunshine right now. temperatures in the mid-70s in philadelphia. and that's really the warmest we've gotten today. right new in redding, down to 75, 78 degrees, allentown, mid-70s for west chester, 74 glassboro, 74 millville and dover. 60 degrees in stone harbor. over the weekend, though we should be around 70 at the shore. here's the radar, we are dry so if you're heading out this friday evening, i think your plans will be fine. it'll be pretty comfortable, too. only showers close to the area just north of tobyhanna, one shower there, and we'll be watching areas north and west. but we could see some moving later on tonight. most of us will stay dry, though, the moisture out in the atlantic will be staying out in
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the atlantic and we'll see improving conditions over the weekend. so here's future weather, clouds hang around as we go through tonight. 11:00 p.m. there's some rain up to the north and west. we'll be watching for that to possibly move in. i don't think it'll make much progress, though. starting off your saturday clouds will be around and through the afternoon hours, that dry air starts to move in developing sunshine from north to south. now, there is a chance we could see a few showers in south jersey and delaware. but that would quickly clear out tomorrow evening, making way to clear skies, and then this leads us into a much sunnier sunday for the area. and temperatures still on the warmer side too. so the weekend really looks nice compared to what we've seen so far this week. for tonight, though mostly cloudy, little mild, 62, philadelphia 51 degrees areas north and west. then tomorrow a chance of showers, south of philadelphia. more sunshine areas north to south. a little warmer too, right around 80 degrees to start your weekend. and if you're heading to the shore the delaware beaches, saturday, mid-70s. we'll see the clouds around.
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chance of a shower. by sunday though more sunshine temperatures around 70 degrees. poconos this weekend. mid-70s saturday, more sunshine sunday. with temperatures around 70. farther inland we'll be closer to 80 degrees. starting off monday and tuesday we're in the mid-80s chance of storms and we could be near 90 by the end of next week. >> thanks sheena. nbc 10 and nbc universal are giving away money. it's all to local nonprofit organizations. the project is called 21st century solutions. now the goal here is to support nonprofits that are implementing new and innovative programs. application on our website, nbc, eligibility requirements are listed there. and the deadline to apply is july 3rd. >> thank you, renee. i'm john clark. coming up we'll hear from a teary eyed philly who has been sent down from the minors. how about a major league pitcher who can throw with both hands?
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explore your options with a one-day second opinion. learn more at hey, i'm john clark. phillies opening a three-game series with the giants. you can see it on nbc 10. taking the place of reliever jake dekeman sent down to triple-a. he was struggling this year and he was fighting back tears. >> i mean i know i'm a big leaguer. so i think more or less i've just got to execute pitches better and control game and get out of my own way. yeah i'm the toughest person that criticizes myself. yeah, this sucks. >> former philly hunter pence is back in town. he's not playing tonight. but when he was here you knew
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he was a little goofy. well, yesterday, the giants were at the white house to celebrate the world series championship. hunter was making some faces at president obama. the president made a joke about those hunter pence signs that fans bring to parks. should be interesting to see if any phillies fans have signs for hunter this weekend and if he even plays. nba finals no love for cleveland, and now no irving. he is out three to four months after fracturing his kneecap. ouch. so lebron james' big three is down to just him now. and they lost game one last night. take a look at former sixer andre with the warriors they got the win. iggy loses it here. picked up his shoe here. but the biggest role was guarding lebron james. when iggy was on him, he only made four of his 14 shots. andre said he learned a lesson from former sixer and temple grad mckee on the mentality of
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defending a star player. >> mckee when i was a rookie kind of walked me through it because i was guarding a lot of those guys and he said, make it hard for them. the nba is about scoring. talented players. guys are going to score the points. got to get stops. the thing to do is make it hard for them. >> and how rare is this in baseball? you've heard of switch hitters. how about a switch pitcher? the a's called up pat venditte today. and here's the special glove that he uses. his dad taught him to throw am ambidextrous since the age of 3. he cannot switch hands during the at bat. i'm john clark. we're right back.
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well, nice weather setting up for the weekend. warmer temperatures more sunshine. looks pretty good. we could see a couple of showers tomorrow. mainly in new jersey and delaware. won't be lasting long.
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next week we're even warmer. >> looks good. sheena and all of us here thanks for watching news continues now with "nbc nightly news." have a good weekend. on this friday night, violent outbreak. tornados tearing off roofs, ripping homes from their foundations. neighborhoods buried under four feet of hail. a police suv swallowed by a sinkhole. a dark secret kept hidden for decades. now a woman says dennis hastert sexually abused her brother. and for the first time nbc news talks to a high school friend what he says the alleged victim told him years ago. growing fear someone in colorado is randomly shooting at people. a hunt for a possible serial sniper. and dashed dreams an american pair olympic hopeful


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